Ultra-Violet (UV) Systems:

Microbes like E.coli, cryptosporidium, and giardia can be found in any water supply, and they are only detectable with a water quality test. You cannot see, smell or taste them in your water but they can still make you sick. UV systems are a chemical free way to ensure potable water. With proper annual maintenance, UV systems are guaranteed to remove bacteria from your water. 

Reverse Osmosis (RO) System: 

This point of use system provides bottled water taste without the expense and waste. Sparkling-clear drinking water without the high cost and waste  associated with bottled water, no expensive dispenser equipment & delivery contracts

​When it comes to water treatment, there are endless possibilities of what could be in your water, no home is exactly the same. Here at PureBliss, we tailor each of our systems to meet your individual needs. Based on the results of testing your water, we custom design a water system to handle all your water issues. 



     Water softeners are the most well know water treatment system. These systems remove hardness and slight iron. The most common signs of hard water are white spots on dishes, the white/blue build up on shower heads and faucets. Along with making your dishes and faucets look dirty, hard water can damage your appliances. In studies done by the NWQA (National Water Quality Association) hard water can reduce the life expectancy of your appliances by up to 48%! 

​Soft water makes a difference you can see and feel…

  • Soap & shampoo lathers better and won’t leave stains or buildup on your sinks and bathtubs
  • Dishes clean more easily and dry spot-free
  • Clothes come out of the laundry cleaner, softer & brighter
  • Water Heater & Appliances last longer with less maintenance

Iron Breaker:

Depending on the level of Iron in your water, an Iron Filter may be necessary. These systems 

eliminate iron stains and can handle certain levels of sulfur.  The benefits of an Iron Breaker system are:

  • Stops iron stains from occurring
  • Provides clean, odor free water
  • Protects your water softener equipment from ”iron fouling”
  • Protects plumbing fixtures, appliances and clothing
  • Protects pipes from iron clogging and black oxidation