Below are a few of the systems we install and service. There are countless combinations of systems to serve your water  treatment needs. Everyone's water chemistry is different, we will tailor a system to  make your water perfectly clear!

Peroxide Injection/Retention System:

For sulfur and iron removal. 7% Peroxide oxidizes the sulfur/iron utilizing retention tanks, finishing with a backwashing carbon filter. Removes rotten egg smell and brown/red staining. (pictured above)

Residential Water Softener:              Removes calcium, magnesium, hardness, and low level iron. Utilities sodium or potassium salts for regeneration cycles.

(pictured left)

Airation System:

Removes sulfur smell and iron.           This system uses NO CHEMICALS! 

(pictured below) 

Up-flow Acid Neutralizing System and Water Softener:Raises PH levels to neutralize acidic water. No more green stains!

(pictured right)

Ultrafiltration Drinking Water System:                     Series of filters that removes contaminates and particles from your water. Reduces undissolved solids up to 0.1 Micron.  This system can be tailored to your specific water needs.(pictured above)

Backwashing Carbon Filter and Water Softener:

Chlorine removal, followed by water softener.

(pictured right)

Commercial Carbon Filters and Water Softener System:Removes chlorine and oxidized substances; calcium/magnesium hardness and iron.(pictured to left)